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Pro Tools (was Pro Tools 12) Student & Teacher Discount

Pro Tools (formally 12) for Students & Teachers is exactly the same as the full version of Pro Tools apart from 6th form, college & University students/teachers get it at a great educational discount (check if you are eligible here)! Buy from the experts with 12 months of Upgrades/Support and Free Fast Delivery!


Why buy from us?

By buying from one of the largest authorised AVID Pro Tools dealers in the UK you can be assured that you are buying genuine software at very competitive prices.

This combined with our Pro Tools experts ready to answer your questions, amazing customer service and fast free delivery makes DS Music the place to buy Pro Tools.

Get Pro Tools now online or from our high-street store in Monmouth, South Wales.

Buy or Subscribe to Pro Tools (was Pro Tools 12) for Students & Teachers Now

Pro Tools (formally Pro Tools 12) for Students & Teachers is exactly the same as the full version of Pro Tools but at a special education discount price for secondary school (6th form music students only), college and University students & teachers (before purchasing please check that you are eligible here). You can purchase Pro Tools for Students & Teachers in 2 different ways (perpetual license or via an annual subscription):

Pro Tools, the industry standard

Pro Tools (formally Pro Tools 12) is the industry standard in top professional recording studios and is used by top producers and artists around the world. Students & Teachers get a massive discount off Pro Tools - so get recording, composing, editing and mixing music with the very same version.

Key Points

  • Exactly the same as the full Pro Tools version but with a big student/teacher discount
  • 12 months of upgrades included - always have the latest version
  • Get New Features as they are Developed/Released by Avid
  • 12 months of support - if you need any help
  • Compatible with PC & MAC
  • The industry standard in professional recording studios
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What’s new in Pro Tools?

With Pro Tools you now get 12 months of upgrades and support to ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest version and get help when you need it! New features available now/coming soon are:

  • 12 Months of Upgrades Included - stay current with the latest version of Pro Tools as new features are developed/released.
  • 12 Months of Support Included - get support when you need it.
  • Collaborate in the Cloud - work on a session from anywhere in the world with your friends, bandmates, producer, etc.
  • Connection to the Avid Marketplace  - publish your session files, multichannel stems, and stereo mixdowns directly from Pro Tools for license in the public marketplace.
  • Access your Work Anywhere - store content and track it, locally or in the cloud.
  • Manage & Track your Assets - universal metadata schema to help you manage, track, and document every asset and project you create.
  • Track Commit - Pro Tools lets you “commit” tracks, where a new track is created containing the audio rendered from the output of the source track. 
  • Batch Fades - The Batch Fades dialog lets you specify different msettings for Fade In, Crossfades, and Fade Out
  • Clip Transparency

Pro Tools Student & Teacher FAQs

How many computers/macs can I install ProTools for Students & Teachers on?

With Pro Tools you get a 1 user license which is held on your iLok Cloud account (included). You can install Pro Tools on as many computers as you like, however in order for Pro Tools to open you have to ensure you are logged into your iLok Cloud account

Am I eligible for the Academic discount?

6th Form secondary school, college and University students and teachers are eligible for the academic/educational discount ('private teachers' are usually no eligible). Please check you are eligible before purchasing by clicking here.

How do I verify that I am eligible for the academic discount?

Academic verification is post-purchase. When you receive Pro Tools for Students & Teachers there are instructions within the box (or for 'digital download' versions we will email you instructions) which ask you to visit Avid's website and upload a document to verify that you are eligible for the educational/academic discount. Once approved, Avid will then email you the codes you will need in order to activate  Pro Tools usually within 48 hours. To get started straight away you can install Pro Tools and use it on a 30 day fully functional trial whilst you are waiting for Avid to process your Academic Verification.

How much education/academic discount do I get?

Pro Tools is usually around £718 so by purchasing Pro Tools for Students & Teachers you obtain a very discounted price due to you being in education. The educational prices are the prices shown above on this page (there is no further reduction available).

Should I buy the boxed version or subscription?

Most people purchase the 'boxed version'. The subscription is another way to access Pro Tools at a lower initial investment - like with any subscription you have to renew it every 12 months to continue using it.

My school/University has an earlier version of ProTools - is ProTools for Students & Teachers compatible?

In the latest version of Pro Tools for Students & Teachers you can open sessions that you have created in previous versions of Pro Tools.

What is & why is a digital 'iLok Cloud' included?

In the past you had to have a 'physical' iLok to store your Pro Tools license on - then Pro Tools would only open up on a computer/mac that this 'physical' iLok is plugged into via the USB port. From 2018 Pro Tools a 'digital iLok' called the 'iLok Cloud' is included with all new Pro Tools licenses so there is no need for a 'physical' iLok anymore. However if you really want to use a 'physical' iLok this is also still possible.

What are the PC and MAC system requirements?

Below you will find the recommended minimum requirements:


  • macOS Catalina 10.15.7 - Ventura 13.4.
  • M2, M1 or Intel Dual Core i5 or faster
  • * Mojave is no longer tested, but is expected to work
For more information on supported computer models and operating systems, please click here


  • Windows 10, 11 (22H2)
  • 64-bit Intel Core Processor (i3 2GHz or faster recommended)

For more information on supported computer models and operating systems, please click here

All Computer Systems:

  • 8GB RAM
  • Internet connection (needed for installation, activation)
  • 15GB of free space for installation
  • One or more hard disk drives dedicated for audio record and playback, formatted HFS+ Journaled for Mac or NTFS for Windows
  • PCIe slot for HDX or HD Native card (incl. one power connection on motherboard)
  • USB or Thunderbolt port for supported PCIe-chassis or HD Native Thunderbolt or other CoreAudio/ASIO supported audio device
  • iLok account/access (iLok 2, iLok 3 (USB A or USB C), or iLok Cloud

To ensure the above information is up to date please check this here

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