Fender Mustang V2 I, II, III, IV & V Amps

With the Mustang Amp series Fender have raised the bar for versatility, ease of use and downright great tone in the world of solid state guitar amps. The main strength... Read more


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Fender Mustang V2 I, II, III, IV & V Amps

With the Mustang Amp series Fender have raised the bar for versatility, ease of use and downright great tone in the world of solid state guitar amps. The main strength of the amp series, which ranges from the 20 watt Mustang I right up to the 150 watt Mustang V Head, is the massive range of customisable features, pre-sets and effects built in to the amp, giving you the perfect tone for any style at the touch of a button.

Another area the amp truly excels in is its connectivity; using the USB port your Mustang amp can be connected up to your PC or Mac in order to access the range of user programming abilities. Fender’s FUSE software (included) allows you to modify any of the inbuilt Mustang amp pre-sets or create your very own tone from scratch, as well as giving you access to a whole range of downloadable artist pre-sets for when you want to perfectly emulate the tones of your guitar heroes!

It’s just what’s inside the amp that stands out either; the Mustang series scores full marks in terms of looks, featuring a modernised take on the classic black vinyl body and silver grille look that has characterised Fender amps for decades, and a sleek and easily accessible set of controls on top of the amp. 

Mustang I & II – The ideal practice amp

Fender Mustang I

The Fender Mustang series starts out with the Mustang I  and Mustang II models, which pump out 20w and 40w respectively. Due the their portability and great range of sounds  the Mustang I and Mustang II are perfect either as a beginner amp for those guitarists just starting out, or as an great little practice amp for the more experienced player.

Due to Fender's advances in lightweight construction of solid state amps the Mustang II clocks in at just 10.9kg and the Mustang I unbelievably only weighs 7.7kg! But don't worry, stripping down the weight of the amp does not mean Fender have been at all frugal with the features on these amps, both of which come with 24 customisable amp pre-sets and 25 built in effects, whilst also boasting  a Fender Special Design speaker

Anyone looking for a practice amp that boasts great tone and tonnes of effects without compromising on portability should look no further that the Mustang I and II!

Mustang III, IV & V – Gig-Ready and Very Loud!

For the gigging musician in need of a few more features and a lot more volume, the next step up in the Mustang amp series is either the Mustang III (£240) or Mustang IV (£345) combo amp or the Mustang V head (£260) (see Mustang V 412 Cabinet (£260)). All three amps offer a lot more power than the Mustang I or II, but also boast a upgrade on the amp modelling front as well, featuring a whopping 100 customisable pre-sets and 44 built in effects, all controlled via a handy and intuitive LCD screen that makes it easy to browse through the massive library of sounds at your fingertips.

The Mustang III pumps out 100 watts of power through a 12” Celestion speaker, while the Mustang IV ramps it up even more, offering 150 watts of power through two speakers. The Mustang V head also offers 150 watts of power but is the loudest of the lot when teamed up with the Mustang V 412 cabinet, which pumps your sound through 4 x 12” Celestion speakers! The inclusion of these speakers is another feature that not only separates these amps from the I and II Mustang models, but from most other amps is the same price range. Celestion speares are the brand of choice for almost every legendary guitarist, from Hendrix to Clapton to Slash, and they sound absolutely great on these Mustang amps when you crank the volume up high and let it rip! With a massive array of pre-sets and effects, great tone delivered through Celestion speakers and enough power to cope with almost any live venue the Mustang III, IV and V models are the perfect amp for any guitarist who needs something that will stand up to the demands of gigging and rehearsals.


The Mustang amp series offers a massive range of tones and effects across the board, all at a very affordable price. The huge range of sounds you can get from these amps, and the fact that you can completely customise them to get exactly the tone you want, is really what makes the Mustang series stand out; whether you play rock, metal, blues or jazz the Mustang amp will have the right tone for you. The Mustang series really does cater for every situation as well, whether it be a portable practice amp you're after for bedroom playing or something with enough power for playing live then the Mustang series has an amp for you.

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