Guitar Repairs

Here at DS Music we know how much you love your guitars, and understand how stressful it is when yours goes wrong! Luckily we have a both in-store technicians and an experienced guitar engineer on hand at our Monmouth store to get your guitar back up and running. We repair Electric guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Semi-acoustic guitars and Bass Guitars. For amp repairs – click here

What services do you offer?

Minor Repairs (carried out by our in-store technicians):

  • Electric Guitar Intonation
  • Re-stringing
  • Tuning (free service)

Other repairs are carried out by our engineers– some examples include:

  • Fitting machine heads
  • Repairing guitar input jacks
  • Fitting pickups
  • Fixing wiring issues
  • Re-fitting broken necks
  • Repairing damaged circuitry
  • Repairing earthing problems
  • Fitting guitar/ukulele end pins

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