Top 10 Practice Tips

"Practice makes perfect", so they say...

Here are my top ten tips that will make sure you practice as well as you can so that you can become a great musician in no time!!

1. Shorter amounts of time

Practising for shorter amounts of time daily will be less stressful and tiring for you and will be more productive over a period of time.

2. Warm Ups and Finger Exercises

Never forget to do warm ups or finger exercises at the beginning of your practice session to avoid injuries and painful cramps.

3. Metronome

Invest in a metronome so that you can practise the difficult sections at a slower speed.

4. Short Sections

Practise the bits you find the most difficult first in short sections then gradually stick them together to build up the piece.

5. Slow Practice

Once you can play all the sections of the piece, practise it all the way through slowly, gradually increasing the speed as you get more confident.

6. Designated Area for Practice

By creating a designated area for your practice that is easily accessible, comfortable and clean, you will feel more encouraged to practise and consequently be more productive.

7. Designated Practice Time

If you plan and schedule a designated practice time, your practice will be less stressful and you will be more engaged in the time you spend practising.

8. Honesty

Be honest and open with your teacher so that they can help you as best they can.

9. Health and Wellbeing

Take care of yourself and your instrument so that you can make the most of your practice time

10. HAVE FUN!!! :)

Free Lesson Notes/Practice Chart - Download & Print Now

Download & print (PDF) our Instrument Lesson Notes chart - it's really useful!

You/your children will never forget what to practise again! It has the following features:

  • teacher practice notes
  • manuscript staves
  • practice chart
  • student notes
Instrument Lessons Note Chart
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