Please find our range of free flute resources to help you learn the flute. We have a range of flute starter guides, flute fingering charts, flute specific manuscript paper and useful directories.

Flute Starter Guide

Interested in learning the Flute? Take a look at our Flute Starter Guide which gives you information about the flute, videos so you can hear/see the flute being played (in various styles) and information about what you need to get started; such as flute beginner books, flute accessories and instruments!


Flute Fingering Chart - download & print

When starting to learn the flute it is usually hard to remember where all the notes are - we have created a free Flute Fingering Chart which is really easy and clear to use and is designed for the complete beginner through to advanced players - download & print our Flute Finger Chart today. Here are some of its key features:

Finger/Hand Position Diagram
Our Flute Fingering Chart has a picture of a flute at the top showing you where your fingers & hands should be positioned.

Clear Fingering Diagrams
Every note the flute can play is displayed clear fingering diagrams; we have created a line diagram of a flute and then coloured in (green) the keys you need to play for each note.

What are you waiting for? Download & print our free Flute Fingering Chart today!

Flute Lesson Practice Notes/Chart - download & print

During your flute lesson your teacher will usually give you some things to practice and ask you to keep a record of when you practise.

Useful features
Our useful Lesson Notes Practice Chart has space for your flute teachers notes, some useful manuscript staves for practice exercises to practice, a practice record and space for your (pupils) notes.

Rhythm Development
As you practice each day our Flute Practice Chart even develops your rhythm: "colour in the ‘minim’ notes (2 beats) on the days you practise so that they turn into ‘crotchet’ notes (1 beat)":
Instrument Practice Record
So what are you waiting for? Download & print our free Flute Practice Chart now...

Flute Manuscript Paper - download & print

Here are the most common piano specific manuscript paper formats which you can download & print free of charge. Manuscript is really useful during lessons and also if you fancy composing your own flute music!

If you require a different format you can find a more comprehensive range of free downloadable manuscript paper to print or if you prefer manuscript paper books we also have these in stock.

How to find a music teacher & join an orchestra, etc

You may already have a fantastic flute teacher, however if you have not found one yet it is usually best to either ask your primary/secondary school, contact your local Music Service or visit The first two will also be able to help you find orchestras & ensembles you can join (school & university students).

Other Useful Music Directories

Visit our useful music directory listing University Music Departments, Music Organisations, Musc Funding/Awards, Music Competitions, Music Museums, etc - visit our Music Directory today.

Adobe PDF Reader

Adobe PDF Adobe PDF To view the resources on this page you will need to download Adobe PDF Reader which is free of charge - see:

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