Your grade 7 double bass ABRSM exam will be marked out of 150 and you will need a total of 100 marks to Pass, 120 marks for a Merit and 130 marks for a Distinction.  The exam comprises of four main areas:


    In your exam you are required to play three pieces (worth up to 30 marks each), one from each of the three lists, A, B and C below:

    LIST A

    1. Capuzzi Allegro: 1st movt from Concerto in D (Yorke YE0011)
    2. Corelli Preludio (Largo) and Giga (Allegro): 1st and 4th movts from Sonata in D minor [C minor], trans. Zimmermann (IMC 1766)
    3. De Fesch Sarabande (Largo) and Minuet: 3rd and 4th movts from Sonata in G (IMC 2489)
    4. B. Marcello Largo and Allegro: 3rd and 4th movts from Sonata in G minor, Op. 2 No. 4. Marcello Six Sonatas (G. Schirmer GS26269 ) or (separately: IMC 1661)
    5. Mozart Rondo (Tempo di minuetto): 3rd movt from Bassoon Concerto, K. 191, trans. Sankey (IMC 2421)
    6. Vivaldi Largo and Allegro: 1st and 2nd movts from Sonata No. 2 in F, RV 41. Vivaldi Complete Sonatas for Violoncello (Bärenreiter BA 6995: low Cs and Ds may be adapted ) or (separately, trans. Zimmermann: IMC 2303)

    LIST B

    1. Ratez Cantabile: No. 2 from Six pièces caractéristiques, Op. 46 (separately: Billaudot CC95) or Ratez Characteristic Pieces, Book 1 (Recital Music RM189)
    2. Rossini Une larme (Recital Music RM303)
    3. Saint-Säens Aria ‘Mon coeur s’ouvre à ta voix’, arr. McTier (McTier Music MM 207)
    4. Vaughan Williams Romanza (observing 8vas): 2nd movt from Concerto for Bass Tuba (tuba edition: OUP)
    5. Verdi Aria (from Rigoletto). No. 10 from Solos for the Double Bass Player, arr. Zimmermann (G. Schirmer GS33083)
    6. J. P. Waud Novelette. No. 35 from Yorke Solos for Double Bass, Vol. 1 (Yorke YE0087)

    LIST C

    1. Bottesini Study No. 71 or No. 109: from Method for Double Bass, Part 1 (Yorke YE0076) solo
    2. Derek Bourgeois Pomposo or Tempo di valse: No. 2 or No. 4 from Fantasy Pieces for Double Bass (Brass Wind) solo
    3. Paul Breuer Allegro ma non troppo: 1st movt from Sonatine (Breitkopf & Härtel BG 506) accomp.
    4. Teppo Hauta-aho Erkon Elegia (Recital Music RM104) solo
    5. Norman Hester The Bull Steps Out (Yorke YE0070) accomp.
    6. B. Hummel Allegro: 1st movt from Sonatina, Op. 69b (Simrock EE 2989) accomp.
    7. Dennis Leogrande May I? (Spartan Press SP930) accomp.

    Scales & Arpeggios

    As part of your exam you are also required to play scales & arpeggios from memory (worth up to 21 marks) - please see the ABRSM Double Bass Grades 6-8 Scale Book

    Sight-Reading Test

    You will also be required to sight-read some music that you have not seen before (worth up to 21 marks) - to prepare for this part of your exam please see the ABRSM Double Bass Grades 6-8 Sight-Reading Book which has a selection of specimen sight-reading pieces.

    Aural Tests

    In another part of your exam you will be required to complete a set of aural tests challenging your musicianship (worth up to 18 marks). To help prepare for this please see the ABRSM Aural Training in Practice Grades 6-8 Book (a guide with tests) and/or ABRSM Specimen Sight-Reading Tests Grade 7 Book (specimen tests).


    *Information correct at time of publishing 14.03.16

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