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Ask any guitarist who’s ever had to experience watching their guitar topple over and fall with a loud crunch on the floor and they will tell you the importance of investing in a good guitar stand! The damage done to a guitar when it suffers any substantial knock can range from a few unsightly scratches and scrapes, up to the ultimate horror of seeing your guitar’s neck or headstock snap off; this and the many other ways you can damage your guitar by not storing it properly will inevitably be very expensive to repair and will affect how well your instrument plays. Good guitar stands will also not only keep your guitar safe, but will also display your guitar properly – what’s the point in buying a great looking guitar if you can’t see it!

Which stand is best for me?

Guitar stands can come in a great variety of shapes and sizes so here’s a handy guide to help you decide which type best suits your need:

Standard A frame

The most basic model of guitar stand is also probably the most popular, due to its ease of use and portability. The ‘A Frame’ stand folds up flat for easy transportation and also features an adjustable locking system, opening up wider if you have a larger bodied acoustic, or folding up narrow for an electric. A sturdy, reliable and well-built model that we recommend is the ‘Gator Stageworks A Frame Guitar Stand’. A great option if you’re short on space and just need somewhere to store your guitar out of harm’s way. Browse our guitar stand range >

A Frame Guitar Stand


Wall hanger

Really short on floor space? Not to worry, a guitar wall hanger is the perfect way to store you guitar safely without using up any floor space at all while at the same time displaying your guitar like a work of art! Without doubt the strongest, sturdiest and most reliable wall hanger we’ve tried has to be the ‘Hercules Wall Hanger (acoustic/electric/bass guitar)’ and 'Hercules Wall Hanger (classical guitar)' which features a very classy wooden base for wall mounting, thick foam padding to prevent any damage to your guitar’s finish and a swivel mechanism that will fit almost any headstock size or shape. They also feature a weighted locking mechanism which clips into place when you place your guitar in the cradle and automatically releases when you lift it up - to prevent your guitar falling off the wall. There is also the 'Fender Guitar Wall Hanger'. Wall hangers are a great solution if you don’t want to compromise on size, quality or looks! Browse our guitar stand range >

Guitar Wall Hanger

Neck support

Although an ‘A frame’ stand will hold your guitar in place securely, your guitar isn’t locked in place, so there’s still a chance that if your guitar gets a knock then it can still topple over. If you’re looking for a bit more protection than the standard ‘A frame’ stand then the next step up would be something like the ‘Gator Stageworks Guitar Stand with Neck Support’ or the 'Fender Guitar Stand with Neck Support', which will add a bit more stability and security to ensure your guitar can’t be knocked over while it’s being stored. A ‘Neck Support Stand’ will take up about the same amount of floor space as an ‘A Frame’ stand, but has a pole rising up from the base with a cradle to rest your guitar neck in and a plastic locking mechanism so your guitar won’t fall out even if it gets knocked from behind. This is a great option if you don’t have too much storage space but want to be absolutely sure you’re guitar won’t get damaged! Browse our guitar stand range >

Neck Support Guitar Stand

Multi guitar stand

If you’re lucky enough to own several guitars then getting individual stands for each one will be costly and take up loads of space, which is why the multi guitar stand is such a valuable piece of equipment. Fender’s ‘Folding Multi-Guitar Stand’ features a very durable and rugged metal frame, full foam padding to avoid damage to any of your guitars and is also fully collapsible for easy transportation. Available in 3-guitar or 5-guitar capacities, the multi-guitar stand is suited for stage, studio or home use and is the perfect choice for any guitarist who wants to store all their instruments safely in one place. Browse our guitar stand range >

Multi Guitar Stand


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