NEW for Christmas 2015 - Chime Bar Christmas Crackers!

Posted by Louise Miller on

If you have tried the whistle crackers or bell crackers in the past then these will be sure to freshen your fun. The same rules apply, so there are 8 crackers each with a chime bar and beater with a number for each one. Simply dish them out to friends and family (can be played with up to 9 people) and don't forget the conductor, complete with baton, then it is Christmas tunes by numbers. The conductor points at the correct numbers to create the festive songs. You don't have to be musical to play either which means you can include everyone and it is great fun for all the family. Don't worry if you have more or less people, you can take it in turns, or give people more than one chime to make it more challenging...and all the more fun!

So why not give them a go...there are 3 variations - whistles, bells and now chime bars...enjoy and we hope these will add to your 'Merry Christmas'. Or why not also see our musical Christmas decorations!

Chime Bar Musical Crackers


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