4 Chord Songbooks - a good way to start the guitar

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When starting to learn the guitar, for children it's best to start with a tutor book like Alfred's Guitar Method or the Absolute Beginner Guitar (see our beginner guitar books page). For adults and teenagers these books can be a little tedious, as although they help you to read guitar TAB and notation, you end up playing tunes aimed at children and songs that are not that popular. There is an alternative way to start - the 4 Chord Songbooks!

Each book contains just 4 chords (with pictures to show you how to play the chords) and a selection of songs which you can play with these chords, so you can start playing your favourite songs pretty much straight away! This also helps you learn and remember the chords due to repetition - so win win! Whilst you will still have to learn to read TAB and notation at some point in the future, starting with a 4 chord songbook will get you playing popular songs quickly and is much more fun! Alternatively, these books are a great supplement to go alongside a tutor book so you get to play something a bit more fun and current.

So why not give them a try - take a look at the 4 chord songbook series. If you are starting to learn the guitar why not check out our free guitar resources too, and of course we highly recommend finding a guitar teacher as this will ensure you learn with a good technique, etc - if you are local to us (Monmouth) we have a range of teachers offering guitar lessons in our music school.

4 Chord Songbooks for Guitar


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