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Christmas Crackers with Bells - Sheet Music Design (Box of 8)

Christmas Crackers with Bells - Sheet Music Design (Box of 8)

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Robin Reed

These Christmas Crackers will get you and your guests playing hand bells to Xmas carols/songs on Christmas day! Inside each hand made cracker (8" long) is a handbell, joke and party hat - Christmas carols/songs music by numbers and a conductor baton are also included in the box! Whether you musical or not its really really easy - each bell has a number on it and then the person assigned being the conductor has to follow the music by numbers sheet and point their baton at each person when they are supposed to ring their bell! As you will know most of the xmas carols/songs you'll get started in seconds! After a few glasses of cherry it gets even more fun! Ideally you need 9 people (8 bell ringers and 1 conductor), however if you have a smaller christmas party why not get each guest to ring 2 bells to make it even more fun!  You'll have a cracker of a time!

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